EXiT Fit Bike Classic

Financing Available
$320 down, $180/month

The classic design of the original X-Y fit bike. Back in 2006, the EXiT Fit Bike set the bar a step above other fitting systems and simplified the task of finding the perfect fit for any of your customers. Years later, the bike is still being used in locations all around the world.

Rather than resembling the look of an actual bicycle frame like fit bikes used to, our patented X-Y positioning system brings superior control and easy adjustment, eliminating any guesswork or frustration from the bike fitting process. The EXiT Fit Bike was the very first product that used this type of system which allows you to change any dimension in one plane while keeping the other plane constant, even while changing seat tube angle (U.S. Patent 7,752,767).

With an accurate measuring system, rigid frame construction, and compatibility with a variety of resistance units, the EXiT Fit Bike Classic is undoubtedly the best affordable fitting tool on the market for the price.