Reference Tool


The Reference Tool is used in combination with the EXiT Fit Bike's integrated X-Y system. This tool is a frame of reference that preserves the current positioning of the EXiT Fit Bike so you can visually compare it to bikes in your inventory.

To better explain, your customer finds their ideal position on the fit bike, you place the tool on the fit bike and adjust the sliders to fit snugly against the fit bike's current position. Taking the tool off the fit bike, you now have in essence a lightweight perfect mold of the geometry your customer needs. With this, you can easily take the tool and place it on bikes in your inventory, just as you had it placed on the fit bike itself. The objective here is to find the bike in your inventory which most closely resembles the position you had on the fit bike. The Reference Tool makes this possible without any scale reading or calculations, it's an alternative that more of our customers with retail shops prefer over complex geometry analysis.

The Reference Tool has adjustable sliders to accomodate the current X-Y position of both the handlebar and the saddle. The tool physically anchors to the bottom bracket which becomes the point of reference.