EXiT Fit Bike MkII

Financing Available
$500 down, $350/month

The ultimate tool for the serious bicycle retailer. The EXiT Fit Bike MkII is the most complete and well rounded fitting solution on the market currently available. It has all the great features of the EXiT Fit Bike Classic along with fine adjustment hand wheels for saddle and handlebar positioning as well as incline functionality for simulating uphill riding (sold separately).

After years of success with the original EXiT Fit Bike, we've redesigned our classic fit bike with these few key improvements, without adding any significant bulk to the machine. Rather, these new features have been implemented using the available space inside the same tubes which enabled us to pack extra functionality into the same amount of space.

Because of its simplicity and practicality, we believe that this iteration of our fit bike design is the answer not only to the most experienced bike fitter's needs, but also to the beginners.